Bone Grafting – Ridge Augmentation Falls Church, VA

Deformities in the upper or lower jaw can leave you with inadequate bone in which to place dental implants. This defect may have been caused by healing following extraction, periodontal disease, wearing dentures, developmental defects, injury or trauma. Not only does this deformity cause problems in placing the implant, it can also cause an unattractive indentation in the jaw line near the implant restoration that may be difficult to clean and maintain.

To correct the problem, the gum is lifted away from the ridge to expose the bony defect. The defect is then filled with bone, or bone substitute, to build up the ridge. Often the doctors add a biologic modifier to the bone graft to help initiate and accelerate the cascade of bony and soft tissue healing in the area. Dr. Gouldin and Dr. Carlos will explain the many graft options prior to the procedure; the graft options are based on the extent and location of the defect. Once the graft is secure and contained, the incision is closed and healing is allowed to take place. Depending on your individual needs, the bone will usually be allowed to develop for about four to six months before implants are placed. In some cases, the implants can be placed at the same time that the ridge augmentation is performed, thereby eliminating the need for an additional surgery for implant placement.

For more information about Bone Grafting – Ridge Augmentation or to schedule a consultation with Drs. Gouldin and Carlos, call our office in Falls Church, VA at Northern VA Periodontics Phone Number 703-534-1766.


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