Osstell ISQ Meter Falls Church, VA

The Osstell ISQ meter (Implant Stability Quotient) stimulates a smart peg (small magnet) mounted on your dental implant through the use of magnetic pulses. This causes the smart peg to vibrate to levels dependent on the stability of the dental implant in your jawbone. This resonance is quantified using the Osstell ISQ meter, giving Dr. Gouldin and Dr. Carlos a number that can be tracked over time. Therefore, this technology provides the doctor a quantifiable way to judge your dental implants stability and success over time.

While our practice implant success rate exceeds 95%, we are constantly striving for improved success, and we are often providing immediate loading to our patients. The Osstell ISQ meter provides accurate and reliable stability measurements that are important to allow Drs. Gouldin and Carlos to make informed loading decisions. Our office has utilized this technology to test the stability of the dental implants we place since early 2011.