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Achieve Periodontal Health in Total Comfort with IV Sedation

Dr. Gouldin and Dr. Carlos addressing your dental anxiety with sedation options from Nitrous to IV
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Trade Dental Anxiety for a Relaxing, Pain-Free Experience

Is dental anxiety or fear keeping you from seeking periodontal and implant care? An estimated 93 million Americans experience some level of dental fear, many of whom miss out on getting the treatment they need for a healthy, attractive smile. Our caring team understands that you may have fears or worries over periodontal and implant procedures. Whether you need gum disease treatment, dental implants or something in between, we offer IV sedation and other relaxing options to quell any dental anxiety standing in your way. Dr. Garrett Gouldin and Dr. Francisco Carlos are both IV sedation certified and highly skilled at assisting Falls Church, VA, patients in choosing the appropriate sedation solution for their needs.

Patient Comfort and IV Sedation Safety Are Our Top Priorities

At Northern Virginia Periodontics, we place your comfort and safety as the highest pinnacle of care. To allow our specialists to focus solely on your procedure, especially if you have a heightened level of anxiety or require complex or lengthy treatment, we often partner with Medical Director and board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Teresa Lee Roberts and her group, Anesthesia Connections Dental, L.L.C., for IV sedation and general anesthesia services. Dr. Roberts and her team have vast experience in healthcare and are committed to providing safe IV sedation and general anesthesia administration and monitoring of vitals throughout your procedure. Anesthesia Connections Dental, L.L.C., employ highly credentialed anesthesiologists who are passionate about helping patients get the comfortable care they need, without having to worry about fear or anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry Solutions, for Every Level of Dental Anxiety

No matter the source or severity of your dental anxiety, we have the ideal sedation dentistry solution for you. We offer IV sedation and other effective options to the Falls Church, VA, community:

Inhaled before and during your procedure, nitrous oxide is a clear, odorless gas that induces a sense of calm and euphoria. The effects of nitrous dissipate as soon as the gas is stopped, leaving you able to perform normal daily functions immediately following your visit.

Oral sedation involves taking a prescription sedative medication one hour before your scheduled treatment time. While under oral sedation, you generally feel relaxed, uncaring about your procedure and possibly a little drowsy. Because the effects take several hours to wear off, we require having a companion drive you to and from your visit.

Administered intravenously, IV sedation leaves you with little-to-no memory of your procedure, though you are still able to respond to our instructions. IV sedation is ideal for moderate to severe anxiety or when more complex care is needed. The effects of IV sedation do linger, and you will need an adult to accompany you to and from your appointment.

Typically reserved for severe dental phobia or when multiple procedures are necessary, general anesthesia completely renders you unconscious and unresponsive. Our board certified anesthesiologist uses a combination of inhalation and intravenously administered sedative medications to induce a deep sleep, and ensures your safety while under general anesthesia.

Local anesthetic is a numbing agent we administer in treatment areas that blocks pain receptors within the gums, teeth and bone. We often combine local anesthetic with sedation options to provide total relaxation and prevent discomfort.

Sedation Dentistry Falls Church, VA

Put dental fear and anxiety behind you! Explore IV sedation or other effective options.